Video: the 'buttery smooth' Mi 11

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Having pitched the new Xiaomi Mi 11 against the Lumia 950 XL in specifications and imaging, what about the phone as a whole? Something with imaging that knocks over the mighty 950 XL yet which is also future proof, supremely fast, yet doesn't cost the earth? I tell all in my latest Phones Show video...

See what you think:

The forward-looking Lumia fan is usually aiming for something with imaging that's as 'pure', and the Xiaomi Mi 11 (and even more, the upcoming Mi 11 Ultra) seems to fit the bill, with a similar high resolution main camera array and smart-crop zoom, yet with restrained image processing that's not a million miles off what Nokia were doing back in 2012-2015. Plus it's super-fast and 'buttery smooth'.

Source / Credit: SL