QWERTY options in 2021

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15 years ago, QWERTY almost defined a smartphone. From the Nokia Communicators (9210, 9500, E90, E7) to the candy bar form factor of the Nokia E61, E71, E72, E6, and numerous Blckberrys, plastic alphabetic keys were an indication that your phone was 'smart'. Time change and these form factors are now sadly mainly forgotten - but the desire for QWERTY in some form and being productive on the move (email, writing) led me to round up the various options in 2021 in video form in my latest Phones Show.

As usual with videos, click through to YouTube for full resolution and quality if you need it:

See what you think. All five approaches are perfectly valid - and I still use all five from time to time. Long time Communicator owners may be drawn to the physical handhelds, but none currently available can get close to state of the art components, sadly. While the NexDock lapdocks are hard to find for sale and really good Bluetooth keyboards are also patchy. In short, your quest for QWERTY input may be as fragmented as mine. 

But hey, options, options!!?

Source / Credit: YouTube