Nokia's Damian Dinning on the N95, N8, 808 and 1020

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Over in my Phones Show Chat audio podcast, I've had ex-Nokia supremo Damian Dinning as guest - we chatted about his life before Nokia, about how started there, his involvement with N93, N95, N82, N8, 808 PureView, and even the Lumia 1020, plus some stuff after he left the company.

The section with Damian starts at about the 14 min 30 second mark, so you may wish to fast forward to here to start listening. You can find the Phones Show Chat podcast here - and if you're reading this after 2nd February 2021 then the show you're looking for is no. 622, you may have to scroll down a little to find it, after more recent shows.

Damian Dinning

Damian chats for about 40 minutes - a few anecdotes on the Nokia 808 PureView to wet your appetite:

  • the super-secrecy around the Nokia 808 before release
  • Nokia's original idea with the 808 was not even to tell people about the 41MP sensor, to just advertise it as a 5MP camera
  • The 808's original spec was with a 3.5" display, but Damian fought to have it set at 'flagship' (at the time) 4" diagonal

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