Jaw-dropping gallery from real world iPhone 12 Pro tests

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It's all very well Apple stepping on stage and showing off some curated photos taken by their latest camera phones, but in this case we have a third party and a pro photographer taking the iPhone 12 Pro out into the wilds - and I mean wilds. Snow, ice, rain, rocks... Some of the shots he achieved with a phone camera have to be seen to be believed and I love the way he talks about how he got each shot and which phone camera features were needed. Well worth 10 minutes of your time to read through.

We've come a long way since the PureView days of the Nokia 808, Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 950, eh? While these took great shots even when conditions were slightly inclement, the latest camera phones, here from Apple (the 12 Pro Max arrives for review in a few weeks here on the All About sites) can cope even in almost complete darkness and when required to take multi-second exposures, all while keeping high dynamic range.

Ultra wide vertical HDR

Very impressive. Here's Austin's article:

Hello from glacier national park, mt! 

I’ve been exploring this area, based out of our Airstream, testing the camera of the new iPhone 12 Pro in all kinds of conditions from bright and sunny to dark and snowy. (And all very cold!)

The iPhone 12 Pro’s upgrades really rely on software, whereas the iPhone 12 Pro Max gets all the software upgrades and a major hardware upgrade. With the iPhone 12 Pro in hand this week, a lot of my focus has been on Ultra Wide Night mode, LiDAR autofocus, and exploring new capabilities in the software.

Worth a read over a coffee today.

PS. In addition to the iPhone 12 Pro Max in for review in November, the vanilla iPhone 12 will be here tomorrow and it's also worth a camera/specs comparison here on the sites. Watch this space.

Source / Credit: Austin Mann