Replacement recommendations: the Google Pixel 4a (video)

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With a theme on AAS and AAWP over the last few years of recommending modern smartphones running iOS or Android to replace a beloved Nokia or Lumia device, here's video confirmation of another likely contender. The world of Android is deluged in handsets from hundreds of companies, but you can't go far wrong with Google's own Android devices, and they've just launched (now in most countries) the Pixel 4a, coming in at a budget-friendly £350, yet having an almost bezel-less display, loud and good stereo speakers, the trustworthy Pixel camera system... and the 3.5mm audio jack that many still love. Plus Google's promise of updates for years to come. Highly recommended.

The video review is my own, from Phones Show 406:

Given that the iOS equivalent, the iPhone SE (2020), starts at £430 and has monster screen bezels, the Pixel 4a is almost a slam dunk recommendation if you want something that looks - and works - in thoroughly modern fashion. And, as I pointed out the other day, is a decent replacement for a Lumia 950.

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