So who wants to fold their smartphone in half?

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One smartphone that I have in for review is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which - get this - folds in half! The main camera is similar to that in last year's Galaxy S series phones, which I've already covered in various features, so there's no point in any detailed comparisons here, but I did want to point readers to my video review of this 'technology demonstrator' from Samsung.

As usual, click through to YouTube if you want to go full-screen, as needed. The video is available up to 1080p.

So a flawed final product, but the engineering is pretty impressive. I'm not dismissing the concept of folding phones as a whole - see my write-up of hands-on time with last year's Galaxy Fold, since that feels much more a product people actually want.

PS. The Galaxy Z Flip is also £1300, which is a patently silly price for such a device. If you really want to go ahead, here it is on Amazon UK.