Huawei's P40 series launched, ambitious optical paths

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Huawei, locked out of Google's services, still have access to Android code, and with the focus(!) on photography for its new P40 series, I thought the introductory video was worth a quick Flow story. The P40 Pro+ has a genuine 10x optical zoom, it seems, with a double prism arrangement internally. I'll try to get it in for review and comparison, but in the meantime see the embedded video below and the links.

The exact imaging specs depend on the model - there's a vanilla P40, a P40 Pro, and a P40 Pro+, see here for GSM Arena's specs comparison page. The most insane thing in terms of imaging is the 10x optical zoom array in the P40 Pro+, here's the internal optical path:

Optical path

So five internal reflections, two prisms, two optically stabilised reflectors? I've never seen anything so outrageous. As to how well it works, we'll find out in due course. It's a far cry from the old Nokia 808 and 1020 eh?(!)

The biggest downside of the new Huawei phones, of course, is that they don't have access to the Google Play Store or the likes of Google Maps, Google Pay, and so on. So you're effectively branching out into a 'third ecosystem'. Now where have I heard that term before?...

Source / Credit: YouTube