Moving on from (Symbian or) Windows... my May Top 5

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Knowing what to jump to is important, I feel, when thinking about legacy mobile platforms winding down and needing a replacement device/OS that is both suitable and well recommended. With my Phones Show 'hat on', I've been summarising an eclectic mix of the best five phones to consider - see what you think!

It's a video, as usual, from my YouTube channel. Click through to maximise video size and resolution, as needed.

Bearing in mind my fondness for Symbian and then (eventually) Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, hopefully my experiences and recommendations from the Android and iOS worlds carry some weight here. Any of these five phones will be a decent destination for most readers, depending on budget, which ranges in the video from £270 (Moto G7 Plus) to a whopping £900 (P30 Pro)!

Comments welcome.

Source / Credit: Steve Litchfield