PitlaneOne UWP updates for Symbian and Windows 10 Mobile - ready for F1, 2019!

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We're heading into the first full week of Formula 1 testing for 2019. New for this year are slacker fuel restrictions, leading to more time at full power. And I'd like to note that the third party PitlaneOne UWP application is now fully updated for the year, in terms of driver and team databases. The season is due to start in exactly two weeks!

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From the developer's blog:

Only about two weeks remain until the 2019 Formula 1 season will begin at the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne and Hamilton, Vettel and Co. are allowed to start their engines again. This year again you will be able to follow everything with the unofficial Formula 1 app PitlaneOne: News, race results and live information are included as well as the current world championship standings and various statistical and personal data about the teams and drivers of the current season.

PitlaneOne auf dem Surface Go

As in previous years, the app will also be available for the well-known platforms this year: Windows 10 & Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1 and Symbian – for those who should still be on the way with it. Basically, the new versions only update the data and I can’t do any more to prepare for the new season. Unfortunately, this also means that the live scoring will not be included this year at least at the beginning, but I will try – as far as the time allows – to do that in the rest of the season.

Here's PitlaneOne's current app description from the Store:

Follow the Formula 1™ season with PitlaneOne. The app provides everything you need to stay up to date during the year in an easy-to-use user interface optimized for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Continuum.

  • NEWS - Set up your favorite news sources to get all F1™-related news. Read them either in your default browser or directly in PitlaneOne.
  • DRIVER and TEAMS - Find detailed infos about all driver and teams and mark your favorite ones to have them highlighted in results and standings.
  • RACES - Do not miss any race with the calendar in PitlaneOne providing all race and track data, start times, a countdown to the next session and all results.
  • STANDINGS - Find out who is leading the Driver and Constructor Championship.
  • LIVE - Follow sessions live on your phone if you cannot watch them with the unofficial live scoring, live comments and additional data.

And some screenshots from Windows 10 Mobile:


You can grab this in the Store here

For older Symbian handsets, PitlaneOne is in the AppList Store here.

Source / Credit: Sebastian