The Nokia 808 takes on the iPhone Xs

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Regular 808 enthusiast Martin Roth has been at it again, this time with an imaging comparison against the brand new iPhone Xs. See below for the video, though notably he only had the latter for an hour, so there are no proper low light test shots.

As usual click through to YouTube as needed and maximise window size and quality:

From Martin's YouTube conclusion (sic):

  • Pro Nokia: For me, the 38MP wide angle shots of Nokia 808 performs better in terms of image sharpness, than the iPhone Xs. If the camera of the Nokia 808 would have a modern, fast processor, it could create HDR pictures and more. The only downside would be the slightly larger size of this 5 year old camera. Okay ...don't forget the autofocus problem of the 808. ;-) 
  • Pro iPhone Xs: Sometimes the sharpness of the 12MP teleoptics is a little better than the Nokia 808 8MP in lossless Zoom. As a negative point, I feel that the colours are too colourful. 

Interesting, as always. It's clear that the ultra natural output from the 808 looks unfashionably 'unsharp' in today's world, but as Martin shows, you can tweak sharpness in the Camera settings - a unique feature that i haven't seen on any other phone camera before or since....

Source / Credit: Youtube