Getting sync, flashing, modem working under Windows 10

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If, like me, you just use 'USB'/'Mass Storage' mode to hook up your Symbian smartphone to Windows 10 then you'll have no issues - just drag and drop as usual. However, it seems that there's more of an issue if you require sync features such as Nokia Suite/PC Suite/Outlook/Thunderbird, or if you need to flash on new custom firmware or use the smartphone as a modem. Fear not though, because the guys behind the Delight CFW are on the case, with a helpful set of notes linked below.

Fabian, from the Delight team, says:

The old Nokia drivers are made for XP, Vista and 7 and not compatible with Windows 8 or Windows 10, the driver signature isn't valid/compatible anymore. It also seems that Nokia didn't use proper/offical APIs back in the day.

However, Huawai uses the same common/BB5 APIs and their drivers are compatible with our devices and with Windows 10.

So the workaround seems to be (somewhat bizarrely) to use Huawei's drivers to let Symbian smartphones still sync!

To read what to do if you need to access a Symbian^3-era device through syncing or flashing tech, see this useful (if brief) post over at the Delight blog.

Source / Credit: Delight