The Ultimate Nokia E7 mod?

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You'll remember my stripdown of the Nokia E7 communicator in order to change its battery? I found it under the keyboard and resting against the phone's back panel. Well, file this under weird and wacky, but reader 'Marc' from Hamburg has taken his Dremel grinder to his Nokia E7 - in fact, to a pair of E7s - and has ground a battery hatch for each. See below for photos!

For this first attempt, Marc used gaffa tape as a hinge, but he says he'd use a proper metal hinge if he did it again(!) In terms of a closing mechanism (i.e. keeping it closed), Marc says to put the phone in a silicone/TPU case. Hmm....

E7 back hinge mod!

Anyway, thought you'd all be interested! This is a somewhat drastic solution, but does mean that the device's cell can be swapped very quickly. Why the heck did Nokia not put in something like this in the original design?

PS. He also says that, when swapping the batteries, if he's quick then the E7 keeps time and date properly.