A tale of battery bloat...

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The title and image probably give the game away, but the main engineer behind the Delight series of firmwares had been battling hardware demons with his Nokia 808 recently and he's been chronicling his adventures in working out what the problem was. Turns out that it was something that I had written about over a year ago after my Nokia C7 started misbehaving.

Over to Eric Dempsey then, for the intro and conclusion to his tale of woe - and eventual success:

...so, after days, months and years of excessive use of my 808, ...flashing, modding, extreme usage, etc.etc. etc. ...I have been getting really bad problems for over a week now...

Problems :
- random reboots 
- constant SIM connection problems
- software and app problems
- offline mode
- battery backcover was broken and battery keeps falling out, making random reboots even worse and more frequent

I can't recall any more right now, but it was so bad I thought of buying a new phone....of course a new Nokia 808. It was even so bad, I was really thinking about buying a different phone with a different OS - that's how bad it was. Because if you know me, then that is the last option I would do


The bottom line is that ...

even though I know my phone like the back of my hand, there will always be new surprises to me. All the problems I had were because of a faulty battery. And don't get me wrong, I am very happy with the results of the Mugen power battery. Although I would have like to have two just in case, now I know I have to ditch the old one. Of course I would have been more happy if the battery would have lasted 5 years instead of 2,5, but I guess I overdid it in many, many ways in the past.

I hope you can use this small tutorial if ever you should try to fix a software issue. Even though it was a battery problem it can still help you out. Search for the problem, for example: whatsapp is installed on E, Whatsapp is breaking up, maybe mass storage OR my music is stored on my sdcard, and the music player keeps restarting the phone: maybe a sdcard problem. Maybe other problems... search for the beginning of the problem and start from there. 

thanks to Mugen Support Team for exchanging my faulty cover in my last order and making my phone battery last more than one day.

It's a shame that all the phone productions are based on more cpu processing, more graphics, more ppm, more connections to all sorts of apps and their servers whenever and all the time...
...power consumption is growing and growing and growing...
...phones are getting thinner and thinner and thinner...
...and the batteries have NO evolution what-so-ever
It would be nice if somebody in the cell phone industry would explain to me how this is going to end in the future.

The full article is here and worth a read.

I'm not sure it's fair to say that batteries haven't evolved - they have definitely become slightly more efficient and longer lasting, otherwise they wouldn't be used in millions of iPhones (for example) - actual battery swell is quite rare now. But I'm with Eric in terms of wanting thicker phones with larger batteries and preferably replaceable. It's the only sane way to go for a smartphone that you want to last for over the life of a contract, even if it's to stop the new recipient (e.g. your offspring or partner) inheriting this sort of issue!

Battery bloat

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