Gravity (beta) updated to encompass Foursquare API changes

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I have no idea why Jan Ole Suhr doesn't just make the 'beta' version of Gravity the version, at this stage in Symbian's ecosystem history. Still, most people reading this will be on the 'beta' track, in which case note that there's a new version to be aware of. The good news? It fixes compatibility with changes made to Foursquare's APIs. The bad news? That's all that's different, so if you don't use Foursquare then don't bother!

Anyway, from the MobileWays beta page:

Version 2.85 Build 7305 - 03 Jul 2014

Download complete package for ALL phones

(DBG7305gravity.ALL.sisx, 3211 kB)

Smaller Installation Packages for Specific Symbian Platforms

Download for Belle, Anna, S^3 and S60v5 with Homescreen Widget Support

(DBG7305gravity.HSW.sisx, 885 kB - For Nokia N8, 808 PureView, E7, .. and Nokia N97, N97mini, C6-00)

Download for S60v5

(DBG7305gravity.V5.sisx, 839 kB - For Nokia 5800, 5230, ...)

Download for S60v3 FP2 with GPS Support

(DBG7305gravity.FP2.sisx, 809 kB - For Nokia E72, E5, E52, C5, N86, ...)

Download for S60v3

(DBG7305gravity.V3.sisx, 791 kB, 03 Jul 2014 - For Nokia E71, N95, E63, ...)

The Foursquare API change is all documented here, if you're interested.

It's pretty impressive that Gravity is still being updated for the old S60 3rd Edition/FP1 platform, dating back to 2006. It shows what can be done with some good old fashioned native Symbian C++ coding!

Update: the beta has now hit .7307, with a Flickr API fix too. Great to Jan Ole back on Symbian development!!

Some screenshot proof:


I always find it easier to download straight from the beta page and install in-place. The in-app updating doesn't work for the beta track immediately, etc.

Source / Credit: MobileWays