Major cuteRadio update, adds TuneIn, podcasts, and much more...

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cuteRadio, only launched for Symbian a couple of weeks ago, is already developing apace, with this new version 0.2.x adding TuneIn integration, plus a lot more, as detailed below.

From the developer's blog post:

cuteRadio has now been updated to version 0.2.1. The Symbian version can be downloaded from here, the MeeGo-Harmatan version is available at, and the Maemo5 version can be obtained from the Extras-Devel repository.


  • Added TuneIn integration.
  • Added podcasts.
  • Added option to play a station/podcast direct from a URL.
  • Improved state-change notifications in the media player.
  • Added option to use an alternative media player.
  • Replaced ‘Now playing’ banner with a toolbutton. (Symbian/MeeGo-Harmattan)
  • New icon designed by Matthew Kuhl. (Symbian)

A couple of screens of the new version in action:


Great update, Stuart, keep it coming!

Source / Credit: Marxoft