Hands on with the DataTraveler, USB stick into Symbian microUSB

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Guest writer Frank Bloise brings us a brief hands-on with the Kingston 32GB Micro USB 2.0 DataTraveler Flash Drive, providing an extra USB stick Symbian-compatible file store with no cables needed.

Frank writes (with some inline photo notes from me):

"Just to let you know I've been using this little accessory for a while, it works perfectly. It is a Kingston 32GB Micro USB 2.0 DataTraveler Flash Drive and is nothing more than a normal pen drive that also has a male microUSB end. It works basically on both PCs and in USB OTG enabled devices, such as the Nokia 808, N8, etc. 


The gadget plugged into a Nokia 808 and showing its file system mounted....

I got it to test and play with the USB OTG functionality and to make it easier and quicker to transfer photos and videos off the 808 and to be able to share it to my PC or my other smartphone, a Blackberry Z30.


The microUSB 'end'...

The speed seems adequate and I use it a lot, especially when travelling, to quickly share any photos between the 808 and my Z30.


The USB 'end', for plugging into a desktop/laptop (etc.)

I got mine from Amazon UK here. There are other models (a bigger sized 64GB) and other brands (Sandisk has its own OTG) that I imagine work fine with the Nokia 808, N8, etc. "

DataTraveler screenDataTraveler screen

The storage mounted and in use on Symbian....

Thanks, Frank. Comments welcome if you've tried this gadget too!