cuteTube, MusiKloud, cuteRadio, all updated

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In addition to cuteRadio, which only launched a couple of days ago, both cuteTube and MusiKloud have been updated, with details below. A real flurry of Symbian development from Stuart, thanks to him for the his support of the platform.

From his Marxoft blog come details of the various updates. Here's the cuteTube one:

cuteTube is now updated to version 1.10.1.

The main focus of this update is some additional download features, including support for downloading subtitles and multiple connections for each download (download acceleration).

Both the MeeGo-Harmattan and Symbian versions can be updated by going to Settings -> Update in cuteTube. 

Screenshot, cuteTube

You can get going with cuteTube by grabbing it within AppList.

Here's the MusiKloud update:

MusiKloud is now updated to version 1.5.3.

This is a small update that adds the option to set a network proxy. The update also add the ability to cancel ongoing operations in the Symbian and MeeGo-Harmattan versions.

Both the MeeGo-Harmattan and Symbian versions can be updated by going to Settings -> Update in MusiKloud. 

You can find MusiKloud here in AppList.

And finally, the new cuteRadio also picks up an update:

cuteRadio has now been updated to version 0.1.2. The Symbian version can be downloaded from here, the MeeGo-Harmatan version is available at, and the Maemo5 version can be obtained from the Extras-Devel repository.


  • Added option to clear ‘now playing’ by swiping down the popup (Symbian/MeeGo-Harmattan).
  • Fixed initialisation of the volume control (Symbian).
  • Fixed adding of stations to the database.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Or, again, you can grab this from AppList.

Great to see these core media applications getting some love and attention. Hey, the Nokia Store might have closed to new apps and updates, but with some developers still going strong and with AppList up and working, is anyone missing Nokia much?

Source / Credit: Marxoft