Contributors needed!

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As many people will have noticed, the Symbian world has effectively become a community of enthusiasts rather than a full commercial ecosystem - and as such there are few new products to review or stories to cover. But we want All About Symbian to continue to provide relevant and interesting content. The thing is.... can you help?

We've already seen a handful of guest writers contribute, most recently Ow Kah Leong - but with the winding down of the commercial side of the Symbian world, I wondered if there's burgeoning writing talent out there just itching to have their say about Symbian - the OS, what's good, what's bad, what the future holds, what went wrong, glorious applications that need coverage, that sort of thing?

You don't have to write perfectly, I'd be here to suggest changes and polish the English, if needed, of course.

In a similar vein, I wondered if any of the Symbian enthusiasts on AAS wanted to appear as guests on the podcast one week? Again, pipe up, we want to let everyone have a say.

If you feel you want to contribute an article or two, or would like to take part in a podcast then please comment below. No need to be shy - this could be you sticking your head up over the parapet anyway! 8-)

[FX: Steve lights the blue touch paper and steps away...!]