Symbian development tools made available again

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Nokia (most of which is now part of Microsoft, of course) may have abandoned supporting the development of applications for the Symbian platform, by wiping all mentions of the OS and all development tools and documentation from its sites, but, as you might suspect, this isn't the end of the story. Enthusiastic third parties have been archiving all the tools and docs, see below for the link and quote.

The mastermind behind the collation is Fabian, one of the guys behind the Delight custom firmwares. Here's the text from the blog post:

Sadly Nokia recently removed all Qt and Symbian Development tools from :(

But luckily I created a backup of the most intresting files and thanks to matthewkuhl we could find some missing parts and thanks to Eric and his MedaFire accout we could easily reupload:

- All Qt 1.2.1 SDKs (Linux x64 and x32, Mac and Windows)
- s60v3, s60v5, N97, S^3 and Belle SDKs 
- Offline Developer Libraries of s60v5, S^3, S^3 PDK and Belle
- GCCE 4.6.3 + docs
- RVCT 4.0 icnl. SP3
- Carbide C++ (3.4 and 2.7)
- NokiaWebTools 1.2.0
- Carbide UI 4.3 and a couple of plugins 
- eBooks about Symbian, Qt, C++ and Assembler
- Open source projects by CODeRUS and Kolay
- A lot of useful modding tools 

I've deliberately not quoted the download link here so that any interested parties are forced to click through to Fabian's post, where you'll also see donation buttons for him and Eric, for example. Please use these to help support all the great work these guys are doing.

Once within the download pages, you'll see:


Just grab what you need - assuming you're serious about developing Symbian apps, games or themes!

Source / Credit: Delight