cuteTube gains tooltips, hyperlink following, and more...

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Now updated standalone, of course, the YouTube client cuteTube has been updated yet again, adding a barrage of small enhancements, not least being able to follow hyperlinks embedded in video descriptions...

Here's the changelog for cuteTube v1.9.7 (since v1.9.5, covered here):

  • Bugfix for an issue with processing some video descriptions.
  • You can now open email addresses in the stock Symbian email client.
  • Added tooltips to all toolbuttons (Symbian only).
  • Added 240p Dailymotion video format.
  • Added changelog page (accessible from the About dialog).
  • External URLs in video/user/playlist descriptions can now be opened in the web browser.
  • YouTube/Dailymotion/Vimeo URLs in video/user/playlist descriptions can now be opened in cuteTube.

As usual, the update can be downloaded by either simply starting cuteTube (if you have auto-update checking activated in Settings) or going to Settings -> Update in the application.

Here's cuteTube 1.9.7 in action on the Nokia E6 (for a change!):

Screenshot, cuteTube

cuteTube works really well on keyboarded devices - just a reminder - with full d-pad support and key shortcuts....

Screenshot, cuteTube

This latest version offers 'tooltips' when you long press anything on the bottom toolbars....

Screenshot, cuteTube

New for v1.9.7 is being able to follow email or (here) web hyperlinks embedded in video descriptions....

Screenshot, cuteTube

... like this. Useful, though it does mean spawning out to Symbian Web, not known for its speed or capability in 2014....(!)

If for any reason you haven't got cuteTube installed at all, then you'll have to start by buying the last Nokia Store version and updating in-app from there (with the slight complication of manually removing the Store version once you have the update downloaded).

Source / Credit: Marxoft