New, but unsigned - Easy StopWatch for Symbian

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Pulling a number of tricks from Symbian's armoury in terms of performance and capability, brand new application Easy StopWatch seems to pull no punches. It's screenshotted below, though note that, free of the Nokia Store and such considerations, it's distributed as an 'unsigned' utility. Which, these days, just means that you have to be running a Symbian device with custom firmware installed - probably a large chunk of the AAS readership...

From the download page:

Easy StopWatch is a innovative Timer Application for Symbian Anna, Belle and higher Smart Phones.

It includes Lap support, Screensaver never times out, Global OS notifications, 5 built in countdown sounds and option to choose your own Audio from your device, great user settings, quick, smart and AMOLED friendly UI.

Try Easy StopWatch now and make Timing that little bit easier

Version 1.30 Changelog:
VGA resolution devices fully supported
New Icon
About Page added
New Settings area
Choose your own Countdown sound from system added
Countdown sound preview added
Brand new User Interface
Vibrate on Countdown Completed added
Phone LED keys flash on Countdown Completed (Charging light only on the N8)
Global Notifications from the App
Quick way to restart or mute a completed Countdown if the App is minimised
Startup time greatly reduced
Option to toggle Colour changes when pausing and stopping a Timer
Minimise option added to Exit Dialog
Option to Enable or Disable the Exit Dialog
Option to reset the App

Here's the utility in action on my Delight CFW Nokia 808:

Screenshot, Easy StopWatchScreenshot, Easy StopWatch

A slightly unconventional UI in terms of menu, but this free utility works as advertised...

Screenshot, Easy StopWatchScreenshot, Easy StopWatch

A decent set of (ahem) settings, plus the main stopwatch function, here with several split times recorded (NB: not so much 'lap's, though, you'd have to break out the calculator for those....)

Screenshot, Easy StopWatchScreenshot, Easy StopWatch

Trying the countdown timer function, setting up a ten minute test and then kicking it off. It carries on even if you lock the phone's screen, this being a well written app on a fully multitasking OS...

Screenshot, Easy StopWatch

When the timer elapses, the alarm sounds, the LEDs flash, the phone vibrates.... and this message appears. Hard to miss!!

Lovely little addition to the Symbian app stable. You can download Easy StopWatch here if you know that you can install it. Comments welcome!

Source / Credit: Symbian Developers