Gnome & Gnomer new and polished, real time physics game on Symbian

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It's a bit late in the day for Symbian to get another high quality, real time physics, Angry Birds-style platformer - but here it is nonetheless, with Gnome & Gnomer apparently sneaking into the Nokia Store just before it froze. See below for description, links and screens...

From the Nokia Store:

Once upon a time there were two gnomes who worked as the forest gardeners. Their most important task was to keep the forest flowers watered and blooming. This is how it is done.


  • Easy to learn puzzle game
  • 60 levels

The game revolves around throwing water balloons in arcs so that they burst and splatter and flow in such a way as to revive all the plants. Doesn't sound that exciting, but it's very well designed and done and the physics of the water is very realistic:

Gnome & Gnomer screenshot

Cute and cuddly, that's how we like our heroes!

Gnome & Gnomer screenshot

Ah - I like games where the total instructions fit on one screen!

Gnome & Gnomer screenshot

Lob the water balloon, it bursts and then water flows and drips according to any momentum it/the balloon had... Any dropping flowers encountered along the way are revived!

Gnome & Gnomer screenshot

There are an Angry Birds-style three stars daisies to be gained per level and 60 levels in all - trust me, there are tens of hours of arcade puzzling here!

You can buy Gnome & Gnomer here in the Nokia Store. Nice work by the developers!

Source / Credit: Nokia Store