Volunteers needed to help with (post-Nokia) Symbian app store and client

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February 2014 and it's time to break silence on a skunk works project to provide an alternative to the now-frozen Nokia Store client/system. The client provides a way to download applications via unsigned, self-signed or legacy Nokia Store sources and replicates much of the experience that users are used to from prior to January 1st. Why is this post in 'flow' and not 'news'? Because it's all still very much in beta and volunteers are needed, as detailed below.

2014 Symbian app store client

Note the handy AAS integration right on the app's home screen!

Although fully functional and pretty stable, there are two main needs, going forward:

  1. Beta testing of the application - I've gone through a month of testing myself, with a limited number of applications integrated, but more eyeballs and more screen taps are needed from others.
  2. Data entry - the underlying application database is seeded from parts of my own (static) Curated Symbian Application Store and Games Directory, but there's obviously a lot more to input. I'd estimate that around 500 curated and updated entries would provide Symbian smartphone owners with a decent 2014 source. 500 may not sound a lot, but remember that this is without any of the rubbish, novelties and bloatware that infected the Nokia Store (and other mobile stores, to be honest) in its lifetime.
    Data entry is via a web form - eventually this will be for developers to add in URLs of their own 2014-updated self-signed (and unsigned) application installers, but in the short term, volunteers are a faster way to get up to speed.

Whether you feel you can help with beta testing or data entry, please don't volunteer unless you're serious. In addition to agreeing to keep the project's client and developer identity under wraps in the short term, you'd be expected to put in a few hours effort at a bare minimum. The rewards for us all, if this gets off the ground though, are a live Store client that can be recommended to all Symbian users going forwards through 2014, 2015 and 2016.

To volunteer, please comment below, along with a public email address that you don't mind being contacted on. If you're worries about web page email spam, obfuscate the email address in some suitably obvious fashion (or, if you're really paranoid, just leave your name and email me the address to use privately).

Note that the developer of this project isn't named yet - I'll let him introduce himself at the appropriate time, if he chooses to do so.

So, roll up, roll up, in the comments below. Let's get this thing rounded out and available!