Romance in HD... on the Nokia 808 PureView

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AAS reader Sabby Jolly has sent in this HD short film (embedded below) that he shot for his friends solely on the Nokia 808 PureView - with a split screen approach (you'll see) it's quite slickly produced. 

Apparently he was inspired by the "Split Second : A Love Story" video, winner of the Nokia Shorts competition in 2011.

Here's the 808-shot video, see what you think:

I'd be a tiny bit picky about the lighting and focus in the last scene, where the riders are revealed, but otherwise very nicely done indeed.

Sabby's next project for his beloved Nokia 808 PureView is "a feature film. 60 minutes long, shot on 808. A sci-fi!" Looking forward to that very much...!

Have you been inspired to create anything semi-professional on your Nokia 808 PureView? Let us know and maybe you can be featured here too!