No New World Order ushers in the world of Atari, circa 1980...

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A rather grand name.... for a rather ambitious theme, with No New World Order (II) screen captured below on a Nokia 808. It's neon, it's reminiscent of an Atari video game circa 1980 and it'll give your Symbian smartphone a whole new look...

Obtained from the excellent forum over at Daily Mobile, I was intrigued, first by the name and then by the look, of No New World Order (II) here:

Screenshot, NNWO themeScreenshot, NNWO theme

All very neon - though the occasional white icon, plus brighter widgets do spoil the consistency slightly...

Screenshot, NNWO themeScreenshot, NNWO theme

Neon borders too, plus an application icon set that's quite comprehensive; (right) a nice subtle change from dark red to glowing orange for top/bottom status/toolbars and the main content...

Screenshot, NNWO themeScreenshot, NNWO theme

Red hot calendaring - oh yes! In fact, Calendar works really, really well here, especially at night, out in the pubs and clubs!

Screenshot, NNWO themeScreenshot, NNWO theme

However many icons are included in the theme, you're bound to a have a few that aren't - with occasional cosmetic mismatches, as here!

I'll leave the 'progress'/busy bar as a nice surprise for the AAS reader, an easter egg, if you will!.... You can download the theme for free here.

Source / Credit: Daily Mobile