Delight CFW v1.3 now out for the Nokia 808

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Delight Custom Firmware (CFW) is very popular these days among hardcore Symbian enthusiasts, so it's noteworthy that the very latest build, v1.3, for the Nokia 808 just came out. See below for screens, links and changelog. Delight just got better - and no, you won't have to reinstall everything, assuming you're coming from a previous Delight CFW version.

From the official v1.3 page, here's the changelog since Delight 808 v1.2, the version I covered in my Pimping article:

- maximum homescreens set to 10 again
- fixed problems with SMS app after changing the skin via Delight App
- removed some double files, entries and unneeded folders
- missing calendar widget skin

- torch mod, now you can enable torch via lock key in power saver mode
- profile symbols, based on 7b's old Belle 111.30 vesion
- new stackmail widget .mif
- EvenFaster patch for ROMPatcher, thanks to padrino
- redesigned emails widgets


- updated Delight App to 1.2.1
- addded more apps to menu folders
- share via YouTube got updated to last version

Translation fixes:
- Operator widget
- Torch widget
- WebView widget 

So only a few additions, plus some bug fixes then - most interestingly, for me, was testing out in the in-place updating via Phoenix (i.e. using 'Update Software' rather than 'Refurbish'):


In theory, it's important to go into 'Options' before clicking on 'Update Software' and remove the EMCC and UDA components, but I left everything on defaults (it's a fair cop, I forgot to tweak the flashing options) and the firmware update still worked just fine.

After the update is flashed, the Delight Updater system installs a few extra components - the only one I needed to tap on 'OK' for was the one to 'Run 1.3 Update', since I was already on Delight v1.2.


As usual , there are a wealth of non_English language options, see the original page for installation details on these.


Moving from v1.2 to v1.3 without any data or app loss 8-)

Comments welcome - how smooth was your Delight CFW update process?

Source / Credit: N8Delight