CameraPro gets 'NET edition' Bluetooth/Wifi control capabilities

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Something of an oddball update to an established camera favourite on both Symbian and Windows Phone, this is perhaps aimed at developers more than consumers, providing them with the hooks to control CameraPro remotely, via Bluetooth or Wi-fi, opening up a world of surveillance and, well, lateral thinking uses. See the video demos and links below.

Currently available for Symbian smartphones here (i.e. not in the about-to-be-frozen Nokia Store) and imminently in the Windows Phone Store (as an update, currently in the final stages of Microsoft Q&A), the developer, Harald Meyer describes the update like this:

This 'NET edition' module is very geeky - probably not for the "common" smartphone user. It allows you to fully control CameraPro remotely. Scenarios are:

  • trigger image capture by remote sensors (for instance an Arduino
  • board with movement sensor, heat sensor, ...)
  • trigger multiple cameras at once
  • control smartphone camera(s) from remote locations,...

Typically, the module would be paired up with some hardware:

Happily,  if you're struggling to get your brain around what this means in practice and how all this might look, Harald has provided some demo videos:

Trigger 6 smartphones at once:

Arduino-based remote trigger and manual focus control:

Symbian (only) demo:

WP8 (only) demo:

You can find official download links at, plus there's more information and sample code at

Finally, to get started, the following HTML/JavaScript code is useful:

Source / Credit: Teq-It