PhoNetInfo adds new status functionality

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PhoNetInfo has been my Symbian diagnostic tool of choice for several years now - and it just got updated, sneaking in a patch before the Nokia Store freezes over forever... Version 4.2 adds SMS and security status data, battery min/max voltages, and call durations, among other parameters. Recommended if you have any interest in what's going on inside your Symbian smartphone.

The changelog from the previously reviewed v3.8 and the previously covered v4.0 update is:

Added new items to the General tab:

  • Call log status
  • Call duration status
  • Dialled calls duration
  • Received calls duration
  • Number of missed calls
  • Added SMS Memory Status
  • Added Calls Forwarding Status
  • Added Security Code Status
  • Added Autolock Status
  • Added Battery Min/Max Voltage

Here's PhoNetInfo v4.2 in action:


Somewhat oddly, the 'max' and 'min' voltages didn't register anything on my Nokia 808, despite a full charge cycle. Does this work for anyone else? The calls stat seemed to work fine, though I only ever had one active 'line' on the 808.

You can buy PhoNetInfo for £1 in the Store here. Highly recommended.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store