PhotProc becomes PureFix, snazzy new release available

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Heavyweight photo processing application PhotProc had been on the search for a new name for ages - and it's here: PureFix. Along with a whole new version with many UI tweaks and speed optimisations, screenshots below. As usual, the idea is to do advanced photo processing on the phone itself (iconically, a Nokia 808) rather than have to wait to fiddle around in Photoshop on the desktop.

News in from the developer:

  • This version uses the GPU to accelerate previews and speeds up a few other operations. There's a new "autumnal" look as well.
  • New features: Presets (very basic for now), some basic Film-filter-settings (work in progress really) and some improvements to existing filters and user interface. Let me know what you think.

The "contrast equalization" works in a different way now. It really brings out details quite nicely, but it produces horrible artifacts near very high-contrast straight lines, so I need to work on it a bit more.

The colourizing filters work a little bit differently so you might get better results now. I need to explain them better though!

I'm still working on rotation: it's hard, but I'll get there!

Probably it makes sense to have some built-in presets. When you exit the app, presets are saved to c:/purefix-presets. You can share those files with people and I can add them to a future version of the app as built-ins.

PureFix, oddly listed as v0.7.0 (I think the developer loves numbers less than 1!) even though the application itself comes up as v1.7.0 - don't worry about it - is up for free download here: 

Note that if you install this version, the old PhotProc will remain on your phone, so you can try this out without removing the old app.

Here's PureFix in action on my Nokia 808:

Screenshot, PureFix

The new 'autumnal' splash screen

Screenshot, PureFix

PureFix's main menu, note the 'Use GPU' option, which can speed up some renderings...

Screenshot, PureFix

The editing top level menu - so much to fiddle with!

Screenshot, PureFix

Saving and restoring presets is possible, though plain at the moment...

Screenshot, PureFix

Heavyweight processing about to happen....

Screenshot, PureFix

On-screen sliders offer low res previews of any changes, though admittedly the low res nHD screens on Symbian devices don't really help here...

Screenshot, PureFix

On-screen hints advise what to do, though they can be eye-strainingly small at times!

Anyway, have a play with PureFix and see what you think. There's a 'General Discussion' forum where you can feed back to the developer, this doesn't seem to have been used yet, so why not chip in?