The Lumia Smartwatch (concept!)

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In case you hadn't heard, smart watches are 'in' at the moment - or at least the idea of smart watches. We haven't actually seen any that have taken the market by storm yet. The Pebble is more of a notifications accessory, the Galaxy Gear is almost a standalone device and Apple hasn't shown its hand at all yet. Which is why I was interested in the concept video, embedded below, of a Microsoft Lumia Smart Watch, with distinctive 'tiled' notifications - looks like it's slightly closer to the Pebble in concept but then the designer has thrown in a big camera, so.... Make up your own mind!

In theory this type of accessory would work well with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, though there's an obvious bias here towards Windows Phone. Bear in mind that this is just a concept, but if Nokia's engineers (even under Microsoft's ownership in future) are working on something like this, then the idea is at the very least - interesting.

From the designer, Omar Pirela:

Hi, this is my third concept inspired in the Nokia brand, but well, in this case is beyond the Nokia-Microsoft Deal and explores the Lumia as a standalone brand with the first SmartWatch, the perfect companion to your Lumia phone and tablet, I think they need to rethink the Windows Phone brand too, because in the near future it will be more than phones. My concept is based on a hardware navigation with a colorful design, AMOLED screen and a camera connected via Bluetooth with your main device.

The main menu was designed to reduce the energy comsuption and to offer useful notification info, the form-factor offers a traditional watch shape and the possibility to customize the color to your personal preference. I´m working on a second video to show how this will work. I believe in the future of the Nokia Devices team under Microsoft umbrella coming soon, and that is my inspiration to create this work. Thank you for your support.

Here's the concept video, very slickly made and with attention to branding detail:

The use of an AMOLED screen might be an Achilles heel for such a concept, of course. Samsung's Galaxy Gear is crippled with a battery life of less than a day - e-ink, as used on the Pebble, with its week long battery life, is surely the way to go for a watch - unless it can somehow be motion-powered/charged?

Comments welcome. Are you ready for a Smart Watch? Is it one screen too many in your life?

Source / Credit: The Verge