Bogus firmware updates confusing many - just ignore!

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It seems that someone on Nokia's remaining Symbian team (or perhaps at Accenture) has pushed a few wrong buttons, since random firmware updates that make no sense have been popping up in SW Update on devices like the N8 and 808. See below for the link and screenshot proof. It's obvious that this is an error of some kind at Nokia's end and hopefully enough lights are still turned on in the Symbian team's office that this can be fixed before it confuses too many people.

I've had numerous people email in regarding the issue, also discussed here in the Nokia Discussion Forums. Essentially an 'old' update pops up as available, as shown below, but the version number makes no sense, being a significant downgrade from whatever's already on your phone. Plus, if you try and install it, the update never completes.


My advice then is to ignore the update notice - it'll go away eventually, when someone at Nokia works out what's gone wrong with its firmware OTA system.

And my award for optimist of the year goes to the reader who thought this might be Belle Feature Pack 3 arriving....(!)