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It's not clear whether this is a move in response to my editorials on the changes coming to the Nokia Store (no new content or updates after Jan 1st 2014), but it's certainly appropriate. Fuel Mate, a commercial utility, has recently become freeware and is now available for free download and archiving. See below for some screenshots.

Fuel Mate, as the name suggests, is a utility to track your vehicles' fuel consumption, with slick animated entry screens, summary windows and charts. It used to be commercial software but is now free here in the Nokia Store and from my Curated Symbian App Store.

From the description:

Fuel Mate helps you track your vehicles' fuel consumption and costs.

It features an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface with lots of customization options. A full screen consumption graph tells you exactly how economically you have been driving.

Here's Fuel Mate in action, working only in landscape, possibly being designed to work in-car, in a landscape dock(?):

Fuel Mate screenshot
Entering data at a refuelling opportunity...

Fuel Mate screenshot
Plenty of utility and settings options, including keeping track of up to four cars...

Fuel Mate screenshot
Very useful is being able to input fuel data in metric units but receive economy calculations in imperial units (still used by many in the motor industry)

Fuel Mate screenshot
The large and clear controls are touch-enabled, just swipe to spin them - very easy to use and, dare I say it, fun too!

Fuel Mate screenshot
Confirmation of data before adding it to the fuel fill database

Fuel Mate screenshot
Charting fuel economy over time...

Fuel Mate screenshot
Stats are available for all time (as here) or by year or month...

I did note that, possibly because I'm using Swype, the textual note fields didn't work. But then again, quite a few things don't work with Swype on Symbian so don't take this as a side-swipe against Fuel Mate!

The principle of moving to freeware (or, at most, donationware/shareware) is one that many commercial Symbian developers may like to consider as the deadline for submissions to the Nokia Store approaches and if they wish to carry on issuing updates and fixes. If you're a developer then please get in touch to let us know if your paid app changes status in this way. 

Source / Credit: Nokia Store