Of fire, ice, stars and sun... Extraordinary Nokia 808 time lapse videos

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I've featured Olivier Noirhomme before, doing some incredible things with the Nokia 808 PureView and music, but he's now ventured into time lapse videos as well, with three examples below that are well worth a watch. See ice melting before your eyes, see Planet Earth spinning in star-filled space and see clouds racing by so fast that you'll swear you're on a space-ship....

In each case, the idea is to take lots of photos with the Nokia 808 on a tripod and then use software on the desktop to stitch them all together. The effect can be extraordinary, as you'll see.

Each time lapse had its issues - the one of melting ice involved full resolution photos and plenty of zoom effects, see here for Olivier's write-up of how the sequence was made. The night time sequence's main challenge was in terms of light, again see here for the 'making of' story....

And if you don't care about how the videos were done, just sit back and watch. In each case, as usual, maximise the playback window and increase the playback quality to 1080p if your bandwidth and computer can stand it:

And, just because he can, here's a third video - easier to produce but with a similarly impressive effect:

Of course, any standalone camera of decent quality could achieve the same end, but being able to tackle projects like this with a phone is still impressive, eh? Comments? 

Source / Credit: Olivier Noirhomme