CuteTube adds account switching and now handles age-restricted videos

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Everyone's favourite YouTube client for Symbian, CuteTube, just got better with an update that adds support for 'most' age-restricted videos. Plus you can now switch between your various Google/YouTube accounts, if relevant. Good stuff, screens and the full changelog below.

The changelog from the existing v1.8.2 for the new v1.8.3 is:

  • Enabled playback/download of most age-restricted YouTube videos.
  • Fixed playback/download of Vimeo videos.
  • Enabled account switching from within the ‘My Channel’ screen.
  • Updated contact information in the ‘about’ dialog.
  • Small user-interface fixes.

The update is a paltry 1.1MB in the Nokia Store now.

Here's v1.8.3 in action:

Screenshot, CuteTubeScreenshot, CuteTube

The new headshot icon in the toolbar lets you switch identities - many people have more than one Google account and this can be very handy indeed...

Screenshot, CuteTubeScreenshot, CuteTube

Browsing and about to watch some of the high quality content on Vimeo....

Screenshot, CuteTubeScreenshot, CuteTube

I wasn't sure what to search for to find 'age-restricted' videos, but I seem to found a few and they do play in CuteTube. As it says on the screen though, NSFW. 

Source / Credit: Nokia Store