New Delight custom firmware versions inbound

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We've covered the Delight series of custom firmwares for Symbian before, but we now have news of the next generation, thanks to a posting on the N8 Delight blog. Highlights include new widgets, an exclusive theme and new app menu layout options. See below for more.

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From the blog posting, and simplifying slightly, here are the changes planned for the next Delight releases (for most Symbian^3 class devices, excluding the E6):

Bug fixes:
- USA tethering
- FP1 taskmanager effects
- moved theme to Z:\
- moved mirror widget skins to C:\


- webview widget 
- webview widget small
- Note small widget
- email Anna style
- themes are now in menu, tools, system
- FP2 Avkon2.mif by mahindar
- PtiEnigne mod (ShortMultitap + removed popup fader)
- installserver_log by CODeRUS instead of the version without of log </p>

- New MiniCMD version
- removed Resolver, Updater, Backup&Restore from menu -></p>

Added Delight app:
- one QML UI for all MiniCMD apps

new goodies:
- conversation skin selector (works on-the-fly)
- FP2 widget skins
- menu 3*4 and 4*5 options
- FAQs (Delight FAQ, Backup&Restore FAQs)
- Help
- latest CFW Changelogs (N8/C7 v6.X + 808 v1.X)

- replaced Delight effects with Slidemania V2 by Allstar12345

- exclusive new theme from LAO STIA

The plan is apparently for this Delight CFW to be published for a wider range of devices this time, too, including the Nokia 500 and 700. Well done to all involved in making this happen.

With Nokia seemingly having stopped issuing official firmware updates and with the impending cessation of allowing developers to publish new apps or update existing apps via the on-device Store, a DIY approach seems the best way forward for people who love the flexibility of Symbian and want to carry on using it.

With a custom firmware, there's independence from Nokia's own firmware timeline. Moreover, with the Nokia Store publishing cessation, there's no way for most developers to 'sign' their applications, so any apps which need non-trivial capabilities will need to be self-signed or left unsigned. Happily, with the install server hack that comes along with a CFW, there's the flexibility to install such applications. This is an area which deserves a lot more investigation over the next few months, watch for a complete review of the new version of Delight for the Nokia 808 and N8, at least.

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Source / Credit: N8 Delight