Double Waves (Air Gestures) brings hands-free actions to Symbian

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Despite possibly the most cumbersome app name in the Symbian world, 'Double Waves (Air Gestures)' does at least bring to the platform functionality we've started to see on other mobile OS, perhaps proving yet again how Symbian's innate flexibility enables almost any function if there's the development skill to implement it. In this case answering and hanging up phone calls without even touching your phone (e.g. you might have wet or messy hands).

From the Nokia Store description:

Whether you are Wearing Gloves OR you are in the kitchen & your hands are wet:

With a double wave over Proximity Sensor you can:

  • Answer Incoming Call
  • Activate Loudspeaker
  • Silence Incoming Call
  • Activate Silent Profile
  • End Ongoing Call
  • Unlock Screen
  • Wake up screen

Pocket Mode: Take the mobile out of your pocket & just wave once to Answer Incoming Call

Happily, the developer has also shot a brief demonstration video, proving that the utility works and running through the various options:

You can buy Double Waves (Air Gestures) here in the Nokia Store.

As usual with this sort of utility, do be aware that there might be a slight impact on battery life - comments welcome if you fancy Double Waves (Air Gestures) and give it a go.

Personally, there are many occasions when my hands are wet or dirty and I want to interact with my Symbian smartphone - but handling phone calls is only a small part of this. What about options for the wave gesture to advance one music track or skip ahead in a podcatcher? Or to snooze a ringing alarm? Plent for the developer, Mr Alshahawy , to do!

Source / Credit: Nokia Store