Unpacking the Nokia N90, captured with the 808

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Time for another slice of retro Symbian action over at The PureView club, with the 808 shooting a Nokia N90, the original 'transformer' smartphone and the first Nokia device with an auto-focus camera, back in 2005. I loved mine back in the day, as I suspect many other future N93/N95/N82/N86/N8/808 owners did(!) See below for a quote and link.

From the heavily illustrated article:

It’s about the no less than epic Nokia N90 from 2005. You will see a few of his “unpacking” shots here with which I tried to illustrate his own words. Below you will find a video I realized with all of the results he got from the Nokia 808 PureView. Moreover you will see some of the really surprising results he got using the “just” 2MP camera of the Nokia N90 as well.

This time, the stage is for Richard Shepherd from the UK.

Nokia Time Warp - N90 - 1

Prior to 2005 I personally had no digital imaging device of any kind. I had seen some of the first early camera phones and wasn’t too interested because the quality and resolution of the images didn’t seem too great. I consciously decided to wait for the first “good enough” camera phone to come out.

Nokia Time Warp - N90 - 2

In 2005, it arrived in the form of the Nokia N90. I can’t remember where I first heard about the phone, but it seemed like science fiction at the time, especially the image quality which blew away the competition. It was probably the first time I and many others said “Best Camera Phone on the market!”, but definitely not the last time in regard to a Nokia flagship smartphone.

The N90 concept went on to become fully mature in the N93, which truly broke new ground as a camera phone but which was hampered as a smartphone by (as would become common for Nokia in some models) a crippling lack of RAM. Over and over and over again, Nokia would ship flagship devices without enough RAM to even get close to fulfilling their potential. [cough N95, N97]

But I loved the N90 back in the day. It was just so cool to have an auto-focus camera in a PHONE. 

Read on in the full article here.

Source / Credit: PureView Club