ThOR gains web search, performance optimisations, UI reworking

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ThOR, which you may recall added support for Bazqux, InoReader and other feed services recently, has just been updated again, with a mountain of changes and fixes. See below for the full changelog and example screenshots.

ThOR v1.0.3 is now available, here's the full changelog over v1.0.2:

  • Search the web for new feeds
  • New settings page: white theme/default for read filter/feed sort order/font size
  • Faster refresh on feeds page. Hold the button for in depth refresh
  • Collapsible folders for feeds
  • Share Item menu reworked
  • Font size controls on item page
  • Items with large images can be side-swiped
  • Auto 'get more' at feed bottom

Very fast development from asturcon3 here, I'm impressed.

Here's ThOr 1.0.3 in action:

Screenshot, ThOR updateScreenshot, ThOR update

ThOR's main UI, here logged into The Old Reader (of course). Note the search icon in the toolbar - this  is the EXISTING search filter for the name you specify in feed titles (e.g. "Symbian" will find "All About Symbian" and a few others.  You'll find the new 'Search feeds' function on the menu - this will find occurences of your search string in feed items, which is more useful for most people....

Screenshot, ThOR updateScreenshot, ThOR update

... as shown here, very useful. The new Settings page offers a choice of themes and a (tremendously useful) slider for the font size to be used in the display of main content.

Screenshot, ThOR updateScreenshot, ThOR update

Here with the white theme applied... Large images embedded in feed content can now be swiped, i.e. you can scan across. It's an alternative approach to downscaling images, and equally valid IMHO.

Screenshot, ThOR updateScreenshot, ThOR update

Back to the black theme (to save AMOLED power) and showing the various readability controls and the new font size controls on the page; (right) when you get to the bottom of a batch of feed items, there's a new automatic acquisition of more items.

You can grab/update ThOR for £1 yourself here in the Nokia Store.

Comments welcome. Does this now match up to the likes of gNewsReader for you?

Source / Credit: Nokia Store