Instagraph Uploader (for Instagram) adds photo preview and more...

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You may remember that we featured Instagraph Uploader a few weeks ago? It was a basic Instagram uploader utility that used a cloud service as an intermediary - but did work. Available today is a significant update, detailed below, adding photo previews before uploading and more. Yes, it's still pricey, but then the purchase cost is apparently what keeps the cloud service running... If you absolutely have to upload photos to Instagram then this is a working solution on Symbian.

From the description on the Nokia Store:

The only unofficial Instagram uploader on the market that let you share your pictures to all your Instagram followers.

- account creation
- select a picture from your albums
- take a photo with the camera
- open image editor
- add @your #tags 
- change profile picture 

This is an IG uploader, not a full browser.


The changelog for this, Instagraph Uploader is:

  • take picture from the camera
  • image browser with preview
  • native 'back' button Handling

The developer plans to carry on updating the software (if piracy isn't an issue) to add parallel image sharing to Facebook and Twitter, plus there's talk of insta-video uploading too.

Here are a few screens of the new version of Instagraph Uploader in action:

Screenshot, Instagraph UploaderScreenshot, Instagraph Uploader

The welcome ability to just open the camera and shoot, plus thumbnail previews of each image file on your phone...

Screenshot, Instagraph UploaderScreenshot, Instagraph Uploader

Ready to post your Instagram update - just add a comment etc; (right) there's a queuing mechanism on the cloud server, which chugs through uploaded photos and posts them to Instagram at cloud level, etc.

Many thanks to 'prototipo' again for their assistance in compiling this news item. You can buy (or update) Instagraph Uploader here in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store