Tentative Android (Dalvik) port onto Symbian hardware?

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It's somewhat telling that this is being done by a school kid at weekends rather than by a company, but take it for what it's worth. Alex Sárkány has been working on a port from the Android Open Source Project code to his humble Nokia N8. See below for a screenshot and relevant links. Do you think he's got a shot? Do you want to help him out? Is this effort relevant? Comments welcome.

From Alex's development blog at http://apk-emulator-for-symbian.blogspot.hu/

Minecraft for Android on a N8?

Given Alex's Hungarian nationality and the pigeon English, plus the wealth of ultra-geek talk, it's hard to assess how far along in the project Alex is, but I'd guess that he's a long way from even a basic Android homescreen?

Comments welcome if you can assess his progress more competently. Or, better, help him achieve something more workable.

The project does beg the question of whether we'd want Android or its applications running on ex-Symbian hardware in the first place? On the one hand, there's no way that it would be as well optimised as Symbian is/was. Plus the nHD screen resolution is never going to play that well with any modern version of Android code.

On the other hand, Gmail and YouTube and the rest.... oh, enticing!  Yeah, see comments below, that was never going to happen... 8-)