A most excellent Nokia 808 summer video compilation

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Showing just what the Nokia 808 can do in terms of macro video and PureView zooming, along with delightful countryside scenes and nature that are right up my street, is Olivier Noirhomme, from Belgium, with scenes that are very North European and could almost have been shot in the UK. The star of the show isn't the butterflies or bees though, it's the Nokia 808 itself, still the best advert for Nokia's camera expertise in many people's eyes.

The trick for great 808 macro video, as owners will probably know, is to focus by tapping on the viewfinder - this overrides the continuous auto-focus and fixes it at the distance of the tapped subject. In fact, it's how I shoot the macro sections of The Phones Show too.

Great footage from Olivier anyway, especially if you're a sucker for getting up close with nature...

As usual, maximise the playback window and 'up' the quality if your connection can stand it:

Great footage and slick editing - I especially liked the way Olivier didn't cover up the sounds of nature with some canned music - so crank up the volume too and imagine yourself at the scene!

PS. If you're interested, note that Olivier's also the very talented guitarist, featured before on All About Symbian here.

Source / Credit: My Nokia Blog