Expert Lumia 1020 photo samples from New York, with analysis

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The latest in a series of examples of the sort of photographs that can be captured on the Lumia 1020 smartphone is here, at Laptop Magazine, with a set of 10 shots that are genuinely interesting, not least because Jeremy Lips, Laptop's staff photographer, takes the time to comment on each, in terms of composition and approach. The reframing and PureView-aided photos will be of interest to all prospective 1020 owners.

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From Jeremy's intro:

This is why you want a 41-megapixel sensor in a phone. As we noted in our Nokia Lumia 1020 review, as well as in our Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom face-off, this smartphone’s camera is best-in-class. In fact, this Windows Phone blows away every other handset on the market under most conditions, and it gives you an impressive amount of creative control. But how does the Lumia 1020 fare in the hands of a pro? We took the 1020 all around New York to capture images in a variety of settings. Here are our photos and impressions.

We're then into the ten example photos, each on its own page, but perhaps the most illustrative of the Lumia 1020 camera's strengths is this one, taken as-is and then 'reframed later' for more pleasing effect. The full shot is inset, bottom left:

Source / Credit: Laptop Magazine