A must watch: Bangkok time lapse from the Nokia 808

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If you watch no other video today on your computer, watch this one, embedded below. And watch it in full 1080p HD if possible - it's a time lapse of Bankok scenes through the day, all assembled from Nokia 808 PureView photos. Add in some ambient music and the result is, simply jaw dropping....!

Here we go - make sure you have enough bandwidth and screen real estate, then maximise the quality!

Juha Lappalainen comments:

Here's my latest timelapse. This time I wanted to capture the restlessness of Bangkok. Do watch this in Full HD to get the most out of it.

I created this out of approximately 6,500 photos that I took with the Nokia 808 Pureview. I spend quite a few hours shooting the material for this and I'm very happy about how this turned out.

Check out my photography blog athttp://juhalappalainen.wordpress.com/

Tremendous patience, Juha, and hopefully you'll get a load of comments on how excellent the results are. 

If you fancy having a go at time lapse videos on the Nokia 808 (or similar), see Olivier's great tutorial, linked and quoted here. Other than patience and a tripod, there's a lot of thought needed into each sequence, too!

Source / Credit: YouTube