Clicker the perfect event counting utility

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Anyone who's ever organised an event will realise the usefulness of a 'clicker', a gadget that keeps count, usually of people coming in through the doors. Yet one more gadget to fall into the convergence sphere, Clicker in the Nokia Store caught my attention with a slick little interface and support for hardware buttons as controls.

So you're on the 'door' somewhere? Armed with this utility (which overrides the usual screen lock process, meaning that registrations don't get missed just because the screen has locked itself), one tap on the screen or one press of the 'volume up' key and the number increments:


The interface is deliberately kept minimalist. After all, in the frenzy of event activity, you don't want to tap in slightly the wrong place and bring up an unwanted function... (right) in the Settings, you can set the starting value (if not zero), adjust the increment size (e.g. if people arrive in twos, for a specific activity), and so on.


Setting the initial count (for example if you know that 500 people have already been let in via another system), plus (right) there's a reset function - of course.

I'm sure many people will find other uses for a counting application - a little lateral thinking in the comments please?

You can buy Clicker for £1 here in the Nokia Store - I was very impressed by its ease of use and the intelligent use of the volume key for counting without even looking at the screen. Having said that, I'd have liked an option to only respond to the volume key, with the screen perhaps showing a screen saver count and with touch locked out, so that I didn't have to worry about touching the screen by accident. One for the next version, hopefully?

Oh, and you might also like to consider Counter Touch, which is free but a lot more basic.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store