CameraPro gets remote shutter and 'dual capture'

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Another day, another big application update. This time it's Harald Meyer's top notch, bleeding edge Camera replacement, Camera Pro Qt, aimed at the Belle FP2 devices mainly, and (obviously) specifically at the Nokia 808 PureView. New in this, v3.4.5, among a very long list of changelog items, is a 'dual capture' mode similar to that in the Nokia Lumia 1020, wherein both a full resolution 34/38/41MP image and a 5MP image are created at the same time. Of course, there's not the built-in 'reframing' system as in Windows Phone 8, but then you can, in theory, actually do more in terms of multiple reframes from one image on Symbian, as I detailed here recently.

We last reported on CameraPro Qt at v3.3.6 here, but here's the full changelog from that to this, v3.4.5:

  • Added support to capture a small ~5MP photo together with the full resolution photo (similar to the WP8 Lumia 1020 camera app)
  • Added support to focus/close preview with headset stop button
  • Added option for persistent file counter
  • Added manual ND filter support (Nokia 808)
  • Improved translations
  • Added menus: capture, focus, quick video (->"Arrange menus")
  • Added option to faster switch to front camera
  • Added option to hide exit button
  • Added GPS Altitude and direction (requires compass on)
  • Bug fixes

The full changelog is available in the end of the CameraPro manual:

There's quite a bit that's worth having in the changelog above, but I thought I'd highlight the 'dual capture' system. Useful if you're the sort of person who shoots a photo and then immediately wishes he'd shot in the 'other' resolution (i.e. full rather than oversampled, or the other way around):

Screenshot, CameraPro Qt

Turning 'dual capture' on in the comprehensive settings dialogs... Impact in real life is around two seconds more to save the high resolution image added to the normal one second (or so) shot to shot time.

Screenshot, CameraPro Qt

Looking at an image in Symbian Photos just shows up one of the versions (curiously it varied as to which one!), but look closer if you need the 'other' version, here in Files:

Screenshot, CameraPro QtScreenshot, CameraPro Qt

Aha - we now have both 5MP and 38MP (or whatever full res variant was chosen) versions - on the right, I bring up the file size of one of the full res versions as proof.

Again, you can do plenty of interesting re-composition with the information from the full resolution version available, see my tutorial.

You can buy or update CameraPro Qt here in the Nokia Store. A reminder that this version of CameraPro is the one for the 1GHz Belle FP2 generation devices only.