The Cinematic Nokia 808 and... masking the wind!

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Nice spot by Marc at the PureView Club here, highlighting a short video by Nokia's Bill Perry down at Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur. Bill goes all cinematic and arty with the Nokia 808 in 1080p video mode, with the biggest problem being the huge amount of wind. As anyone knows, wind noise is an issue for all outside-shot videos, but Bill successfully mixes a small part of the original audio in with a larger amount of instrumental music. Together with the slick video edits and terrific clarity of the 808's footage, the result is very watchable indeed.

Marc writes/quotes:

Earlier this month, Bill Perry – Global Partner Manager for Imaging at Nokia - spent some time in Big Sur (California) and made a trip to visit Pfeiffer Beach, and he writes : “After a 2 mile windy road arrived at the parking and it was a beautiful day however upon walking to the beach it was apparent it was very windy. This short movie should give you a sense of what it was like that day: the wind, the surf and at times the tranquility.”

As usual with this sort of video, maximise it to full screen and raise the quality to HD if applicable. Note that this video is hosted on Vimeo, so the player may be unfamiliar:

Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur - Nokia 808 PureView from Bill Perry on Vimeo.

There are numerous tricks to creating something cinematic. Bill writes:

All video was shot using my Nokia 808 PureView with either a tripod mount or just hand-held. I used a custom flat profile in creative mode so I could do my own post-processing. It also allows you to capture more details in the highlights and shadows that you can recover later.

To these, I'd add:

  • you have to be very aware of light direction, to avoid flare in the lens glass.
  • you should try to use a manual focus where possible, since Continuous Auto-Focus (CAF) 'hunting' is the single biggest 'tell' that a video was shot on something amateur. The Nokia 808 offers two focussing options in Creative mode, 'Close up' and 'Automatic', but there's a third which is not mentioned: 'Manual', which is by far the most useful. Simply tap on a subject in the viewfinder and the Nokia 808 video capture will be focussed for this subject until you tap again to change the subject. With focus 'locked' like this, the 'CAF' icon is struck out in the viewfinder, to remind you that the feature is off.

Source / Credit: PureView Club