MeeBible adds new translations, plus social and direct sharing options

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Updated in the Nokia Store is the open source (free) MeeBible front end to numerous Bible translations, along with the facility to download any for offline reading. You may remember my original review of MeeBible? This new version 3.0 (3.05[4], to be precise) adds new translations (The Message, New King James, Basic English, Amplified), plus social sharing functions and hooks.

From the developer's description:

With MeeBible you can read God's Word everywhere with your phone. Bible texts are downloaded on the fly from the web and cached for further reading. You can also download whole Bible translation via Wi-Fi network and read it offline.

MeeBible supports following Bible translations:

  • New World Translation in 42 languages
  • King James Bible
  • New International Bible
  • English Standard Version
  • New King James Bible
  • Bible in Basic English
  • The Message translation
  • Russian Synodal Translation
  • French Louis Segond Translation
  • German Luther 1912 and Schlachter 1951 translations
  • Italian Versione Diodati Riveduta
  • Portuguese Almeida Corrigida e Revisada Translation
  • Spanish Reina Valera Translation
  • Latvian Revised Bible
  • Svenska Folkbibeln (Swedish People's Bible)
  • Finnish Bible 1912
  • Ukranian translation by І. Огієнко
  • Polish translations: Biblia Tysiąclecia, Biblia Warszawska, Biblia Warszawsko-Praska
  • Bulgarian “Протестантски (1940)”
  • Romanian translation by Dumitru Cornilescu
  • Arabic Smith & Van Dyke Version
  • Indinesian Alkitab Terjemahan Baru

In addition to the extra Bible translations now supported, the number of languages handled also seems to have grown, see the screens below:

Screenshot, MeeBibleScreenshot, MeeBible

The two column options menu (how come other Qt developers haven't used this yet?), with new 'Donate' option, if you want to support the developer's mission;(right) picking a book to read...

Screenshot, MeeBibleScreenshot, MeeBible

When highlighting a verse in this version, there's now a 'share' option on the pop-up, showing a pretty full list of social options (right) - don't get too excited though, there's no authorisation or sign-in, you're simply handed over to the appropriate service's mobile site with the verse's text pre-loaded.

Screenshot, MeeBibleScreenshot, MeeBible

In-app purchasing donating done here through the Nokia Store - it's neatly done and a model some other freeware and shareware authors might like to try? (right) The number of Bible versions in each language has grown a lot since my first review, with no less than eight in English, my chosen language in MeeBible's settings.

Screenshot, MeeBibleScreenshot, MeeBible

There are comprehensive settings, including going black-on-white, and full-screen; (right) just some of the dozens of languages supported - impressive.

Regardless of your own beliefs, there's no doubting that MeeBible is immaculately programmed, fully functionned and available at the perfect price. You can download MeeBible for free here in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store