Getting cinematic with the Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 920

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Norwegian Anders Øvergaard is a man with a passion - filmmaking, and in the video below he attempts to use both the Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 920 to shoot a cinematic sequence. He certainly seems to have all the right mounts and seems to know what he's doing and ends up both praising and critiquing each device - it seems that both the 808 and 920 have their place.

Covered in the video are:

  • Intro
  • Demo of the Nokia 808's camera interface, demonstrating some of the advanced 'Creative' settings
  • Demo of the Nokia Lumia 920's camera interface
  • Demo footage from each phone
  • Setting up a low light cinematic shot in a forest(!)
  • Example 'cinema' footage from both phones (finished/edited versions)
  • Focussing and daylight test footage, more examples
  • Summarising the pros and cons of each smartphone video camera

I was a bit disappointed that Anders fiddled so much with the contrast for the 808's footage, since this ended up being one of the most obvious differences - I'd have preferred he left both phones on 'default' throughout. This would have been better for the end user to compare, I feel.

Anyway, here's Anders's video, up the quality if your bandwidth can stand it:

The comment about video compression was interesting and I found myself wishing that the Nokia 808 allowed less aggressive compression, along the lines of the footage from the Lumia 920.

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Source / Credit: My Nokia Blog