Time lapse and lossless zoom examples on the Nokia 808

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Well spotted deaconclgi - two very nice 808-specific videos, embedded below, are from the last few months on CameraCheckChannel on YouTube, and demonstrate what's possible with time lapse on the device, plus there's a great demo of the lossless zoom capability.

The videos are nicely done, though do forgive the occasional English slips by the presenter and in the captions (e.g. "limelapse"). They're almost pitched as promos for the Nokia 808, so I wouldn't be surprised if the company had something to do with funding their creation.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

See also the Camera Check Channel on YouTube, in the hope that the folk there put up more 808-specific content. You may also remember my own 'jaw dropping' lossless zoom demo here?

Source / Credit: My Nokia Blog