Google Street View hits Hungary, plus 350,000 new and updated miles around the world

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Yes, yes, this is Google's mapping product and imagery and this isn't an Android site, but thanks to the rather useful Google Maps clients on both Symbian and Windows Phone, everybody can benefit from today's massive Google Street View update, bringing coverage of Hungary and Lesotho (I had to look it up too) and a whopping 350,000 miles of new or updated street imagery. And, as usual, all for free, so thanks Google.

From the Google blog:

Today, we’ve reached 50 countries with the launch of Street View in Hungary and Lesotho and are significantly expanding our coverage in Poland and Romania, among other locations around the world. This is also the largest single update of Street View imagery we’ve ever pushed, including new and updated imagery for nearly 350,000 miles of roads across 14 countries.

Now you can take a virtual stroll through the historic center of Budapest, right along the Danube (the river that carves the city in two). See the Hungarian Parliament building or the famous Chain bridge.

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Budapest, Lánchíd (Chain bridge)

...We’re also refreshing and expanding existing Street View coverage in France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore and Thailand. And, we’ve added new special collections of a host of picturesque spots—using our Street View Trike technology -- that include Portugal’s Pena National Palace, or the Sha Tin Che Kung Temple in Hong Kong or the Kilkenny Castle in Ireland.

Kilkenny Castle, Ireland


Great stuff and all easily accessible and enjoyable using the free Google Maps client for Symbian (out of date in terms of UI but still fully working and downloadable (again, after a brief hiatus) from in your web browser (or from here):

Street View screenStreet View screen

On Windows Phone, you can use the gMaps Pro client (recently updated for full Street View navigation) to achieve the same browsing of our planet:


Oops, looks like the Street View car caught the castle during a period of maintenance!

Well done to Google for all the work mapping and photographing the planet, and well done as well for maintaining all of this with an open API that software can hook into, in this case on both Symbian and Windows Phone.

Source / Credit: Google Lat Long Blog